2014 Resolutions

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We sat down with copywriter and human knowledge sponge Mace Markham to discuss his creative resolutions for 2014.


youtube clips referenced in this episode:
American Masters 1991 Intro and Funding Credits
An old adding machine
Auld lang syne — by Shirley Temple — saddest scene in Wee Willie Winkie (1937)
Big Water Splash Sound Effect
Brad Pitt in 12 Monkeys
Black Speech of Mordor LOTR 1.10
Comic Rimshot!
conformity – Dead Poets Society movie scene
Dream Harp – Dream Sequence – Flashback Sound Effect
Eddie Van Halen – Crossroads
Happy Gilmore Doing the Bull Dance – Feeling The Flow – Working it.
How do you find your niche in life?
How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way part 1
How To Trust Yourself
John Denver – Thank God I’m A Country Boy
Keyboard Typing Sound Effect HD
Kung Fu Sound Effects
Penny Arcade Theme Song
Paul Shaffer – Late Night Theme
PINK FLOYD – Is there anybody out there?
RELAXATION Tranquil Nature Sounds Without Music-Lapping Water-Soothing Bird Song-Natural Meditation
Shiny Ding Sound Effect
Splash Sound Effect
Stan Lee Panel at NY Comic Con_ Excelsior!
Step Brothers ”Are You Fucking High”
Sword Battle Sounds
The Rubinoos-Revenge Of The Nerds
the three stooges Drinking sound effect.
They Might Be Giants – My Evil Twin
Voice actor seiyuu anime line up
wah wah sound effect
What is Kickstarter?
What the hell are you talking about

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