What does it mean to be creative?
Creativity is usually associated with artistry. We think that anybody at any time in any field can express creativity. The “CIP” is our forum, our safe place to question the very concept of creativity in all its various permutations. To us, creativity is what it means to be alive. It’s important stuff, dig?

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A note about copyright and the “fair use doctrine”
Our intention, regarding certain video and music clips used in discussions, is to feature these clips in a journalistic, conversational manner for the purposes of comment, criticism, analysis, elaboration and/or satire. We provide the clip name and link to its youtube source for a number of reasons:

  1. As a good faith effort in order to credit our sources and distinguish them (the creators) from us (the commentators).
  2. To make the point that we’re using already publicly available resources since our clips are sourced from live youtube pages.
  3. To cast color, insight and humor upon the ideas we’re exploring.
  4. To entice listeners to learn more about the clip itself. For example, we may use a snippet from a documentary or trailer, which we hope will spark interest from the listener to find out more. The link leads them to the source.

We feel that our intentions are within the reasonable boundaries of fair use. However, if you are a copyright holder who believes we’ve included your work in a way that is not honoring these precepts, please  contact us so we can remove the offending item.