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Dreaming on Paper with Dave Terruso

Philly Novelist and Comedian Dave Terruso, author of Cube Sleuth, reflects on the challenges of infusing self-revelation into dark narrative. Clips used in this episode: Cube Sleuth Commercial Brain Surfer

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Putting The Fiction First with Larry Nocella

Novelist Larry Nocella’s books read like action movies suffused with subtle social commentary. As this self-proclaimed “smart-ass” puts it, “the story comes first.” Meanwhile, the CIP gang wages a mighty battle over the proper pronunciation of...

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Thank You for CHOOSING Adobe!

I just spent a couple of completely unproductive hours on the phone with Adobe technical support.  They were unable to help me with my newly installed  Creative Cloud package but thanked me “for choosing...

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Learning to Fly with Dave Crosland

Fine artist, Cartoonist, Illustrator, Animation Production Specialist and Performance Artist. David Crosland’s creative career soars above the clouds. We catch up with him mid-flight to find out just how far his creativity has carried...